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Team: Mengxiao Song, Amberly Riegler, Victor Wang

Duration: Sep. 17 — Sep. 21, 2018

Role: UX/UI Designer

User flow

Journey map

Motion design

Contribution: Ideation

UI Design

Hi-fi Prototypes

Design Challenge

We looked into the negative experience that dog adopters might have, and the reasons behind. In response to the unsuccessful adopting experience, we aim to build connections between potential dog adopters, shelters, and dog communities. Users would become more prepared about the  adoption process and get personalised help from online mentors.


Design Response

We designed DoGood as a medium to build a collaborative dog community connecting dog owners, shelters, and potential adopters. 

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Secondary Research

High rate of adoption and relinguishment

Only 23% of animals are adopted from shelters, though this number continues to rise annually.

Factors of successful/ unsuccessful adoptions

People care about looks, breeds, and characteristics when adopting dogs.

Health and behavioral issues are the main reasons that prevent people from adopting animals from shelters.

Current attitudes surrounding adopted animals

“Sometimes people lack time or money, or they simply are not ready for, nor aware of, the responsibilities of owning a companion animal; again, dogs may not meet the keepers’expectations. ”

Primary Research

I interviewed participant who adopted her dog from shelter three years ago from online adoption website.

“I was looking for the same looking dog as my lost one, so I searched online by breed and I saw her picture. I basically adopted her because I imagined she was the same one as my previous dog, but it turned out to be wrong.”

“I didn’t want a little puppy to be my only dog so I looked for a mature dog who was good natured, loyal, calm and smart.”

“My experience of adopting wasn’t that much successful. I feel I’m doing a favor of her. You know, if I don’t keep her, she will have no place to go.”
Reserach Findings


We brainstormed 30 ideas based on our insights, and further narrowed down to four concepts.


Dog School
Online resources and community forum with additional in person workshops

dog school.png

Dog Meetup
Platform to encourage interaction with adoptable dogs via in person or digital dog adoption fairs


Social platform for those considering adoption to meet current dog owners in their local community


Adoption Mentor
Pair adopters with community members to help smooth the adoption process



After evaluating four ideas using the matrix below, we chose Adoption Mentor as our final concept.


How it Works

Build the Network

This ecomaps represents the relevant functions, relationships, and factors involved with adoption. The issues experienced by potential adopters can be addressed by the support of community.



We believe the DoGood will provide support to future dog owners by improving their perceptions and encouraging collaboration throughout the community. Adopters are provided a community resource before and after the adoption process. They can feel more informed and prepared to make a decision.


Prototype Testing

After we quickly built our lo-fi prototype, we tested with participants who had previously adopted dogs from shelters.


Better convey the benefit of mentor by providing greater detail about the program.

Icons should be updated to infer correct functionality.

Providing greater affordances will streamline the process of speaking with mentors.

Enhancing filters will provide more customized search.



Adoption process is rife with issues related to perception and the process itself.

Make design choices based on existing standards to avoid confusion for users.

Add more features to expand the functionality to circumnavigate the scalability issues.